Musicality/Shines Class (All Levels)

Manuel Dos Santos

Translation of The Music into Body Motion & Steps. Musicality is not an easy thing, especially listening to the fine details. This workshop will help you to get closer to achieving better musical ear and expressive Interpretation. Remember: A dancer helps people to see music. A great unique workshop to understand music better. No partner required. No experience necessary.  


Turn Patterns On1 Intermediate/Advance Level 

 Johnny/Andres Giraldo, Directors of Salsa y Control

Learn the latest and most unique turn patterns, Salsa y Control style. The higher the level at which you dance, the more important it is to have good technique. This class focuses on different aspects of leading & following while learning some intricate and fun turn combinations. Leaders will learn clear communication and control. Followers will learn appropriate and quick response to signals and how to be ready for whatever happens next. No partner required. Experience at least as an Intermediate dancer is necessary.


Part 1 of Intermediate/Advanced Partnerwork On2


Tumimambo's partnerwork workshops are geared to the higher level students that have already mastered the fundamentals of spinning, leading/following and applying their skills to original, innovative & more complex turn patterns. Although the complexity of the partnerwork is high, Tumimambo's combinations are visually dynamic but most importantly they are completely leadable. Join them and learn their philosophy of listening to the music and communicating with yours hands. No partner required. Experience at least as an Intermediate dancer is necessary.


Part 2 of Intermediate/Advanced Partnerwork On2


Tumimambo's partnerwork workshop will add additional flare to the already learned partnerwork from Part 1. This time it will change direction to incorporate a dip or trick and Ladies styling techniques to enhance Part 1 for a refinished product.No partner required. Experience at least as an Intermediate dancer is necessary.


Ladies Styling On2

Melissa Pabon

Description coming soon.......



 ChaChaCha Footwork/Shines Intermediate Level

Johnny/Andres Giraldo, Directors of Salsa y Control

Club-style Cha-Cha is funky and playful. The slower speed allows for lots of individual interpretation and styling. In this class, you will learn smooth and intricate footwork combinations with a good balance of technique and flavor. We will work on isolations that will help you gain control, balance, accuracy and sharpness while executing any footwork or shine step! No partner required. Experience at least as an Intermediate dancer is necessary.


Body Isolations

Abdul Al-Ali, Director of Conga Beat

This is a workshop that you don’t want to miss! Learn proper body warm-up and stretch, Afro-Caribbean body isolations, and creative footwork. Learning these movements is great for students taking any Salsa/Mambo classes or for those just looking for a fun and unique dance workshop. No partner required.  No experience necessary.



Adelicia Villagaray

Zumba combines high energy and motivating music with unique moves and combinations that allow the Zumba participants to dance away their worries. It is based on the principle that a workout should be "FUN AND EASY TO DO" allowing Zumba participants to stick to the Zumba Fitness program and achieve long-term health benefits. Zumba is a “feel-happy” workout that is great for both the body and the mind.

Zumba is a fusion of Latin and International music - dance themes that create a dynamic, exciting, effective fitness system! The routines feature aerobic/fitness interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body. Zumba utilizes the principles of fitness interval training and resistance training to maximize caloric output, fat burning and total body toning. It is a mixture of body sculpting movements with easy to follow dance steps Dress to exercise. No experience necessary.


Brazilian Zouk (All Levels)

Zoukalma (DC)

The workshop is based on Rio Style Zouk that focuses on connection and flow.  It is a fun, modern dance suitable for all ages. For many in the younger dance crowd, Zouk has rekindled an interest in partner dancing. For those who have experience dancing other traditional Latin dances many of the moves, techniques or concepts from those dances can be imported to Zouk, making it relatively easy to adapt to this dance. In addition, Zouk can be danced to a variety of music and a variety of moods, making it a versatile dance to know. This sensual and energetic dance has roots in Brazilian Lambada and Samba, while the music has French Caribbean roots. Zouk has a characteristic wave-like movement, elongated steps and striking hair movements by the lady. The movements are a rhythmic side to side and a rippling forward and back wave-like motion. Body rolls are reminiscent of the Samba, while hip grinds are reminiscent of the Lambada.   At the workshop, instructors will teach a Zouk boot-camp, so students will come away from the session equipped to get on the floor and dance. They will go over musicality, the basic steps, simple turn patterns and the characteristic head movements associated with Zouk. This is an experience you don’t want to miss. No partner required! No experience necessary.


Salsa On2 Combo Beginner Level

Darlin Garcia, Director of Art in Motion

This workshop is for those students who have never taken classes in this style of mambo "On-2" or who are simply interested in learning a different style of salsa. To get you started, the instructor will cover both open footwork (called "SHINES") and partnerwork. You can learn different steps to embellish your dancing. No partner required. No experience necessary.


Salsa On1 Combo Intermediate Level

Niss Albaig, Director of SalsaNow

Challenge your skills in our intermediate workshop. Great for all dancers regardless of which style of salsa you are accustomed to. Add fun and sizzle to your dancing.  A flashy intermediate level pattern will be taught with emphasis on technique and styling. The workshop will focus on executing the combination with proper lead and follow.This class focuses on intermediate footwork and some partner patterns. No partner required. Experience in Cross Body Lead, Single Turns, Inside Turn and Basic LA Style Steps are necessary.


Ladies Styling (All Levels

Michelle Reyes

For a lady to style and use musicality with a partner while dancing takes practice, but sometimes there is no time to prepare. This Intermediate Ladies Styling workshop can enhance the whole picture of partner dancing. Spinning Technique is a fundamental part of the ladies dancing, for followers and leaders in CBL style combinations. So here you will have the opportunity to learn posture, feeling the music, latin flavor and practice several types of spins to enhance your dance with your partner. No partner required. No experience necessary.


Salsa Colombian/Cali Style (Beginners)

Paula Ortiz and Julian Castro, Directors of Salsaoco

The way Salsa is danced in Colombia is very different from their Cuban and Puerto Rican counterparts adopting a side-side basic step as opposed to a forward and back basic step the islanders use. Nowadays the Cali Salsa dancing style is revered on the international arena as one of the hardest and most energetic, displaying fast complicated footwork. Recently Colombian dancers have become World Champions year after year and the style is becoming more popular and admired among Salsa professionals worldwide. This is a total different salsa experience; there is more than On1 or On2. Find out by taking this amazing workshop. No partner required. No experience necessary.


Partnerwork On2 (All Levels)

Melissa Pabon and Darlin Garcia

Description coming soon..........


Body Isolations

Vanessa Beltran

This is a unique workshop that will focus on Body Isolations.  The instructor will get you out of the traditional structures you are used to and focus more on learning how to connect with your body and manipulate the movements. This is not about learning just new pattern or styling, it will be challenging you to step outside your box and move your body in ways you most likely are not be used to.  The instructor will begin with a few minutes of warm up with actual body isolation exercises. No experience necessary. No partner required.


 Bachata Beginners

Joe Figueroa

This workshop is designed for those who have never danced before or danced very little. Bachata is a romantic style of dance from the Dominican Republic. This is a popular partner dance is sexy, playful and surprisingly easy. You will learn the basic step pattern, giving and receiving turns, proper body positioning and hands, It is easy, fun and sexy!!! No partner required. No experience necessary.


Bachata Intermediate

Joe Figueroa

This workshop will take you to a higher level. In general Bachata has reached a lot more popularity in recent years. More nightclubs are playing it, and therefore, more people are learning it  You will learn footwork styling options, several turn combinations, hip isolations and musicallity. Partner required. Beginer experience requiered.  


Salsa On1 /On2 Partnering Combos Beginners

Keith Givens, Director of Latin Motion

Beginner is a foundational workshop for Salsa on 1. You will learn the basic salsa steps combined with technique. From there you will learn individual dance steps and partner moves. The goal of this workshop is to give students a taste of salsa, to help them learn about technique, and to prepare them for upper level workshops/classes. No partner required. No experience necessary.


Salsa On1 Footwork and Technique Intermedate/Advance level

Susan Leiter. Alive with Dance

This is not your usual Footwork and Technique Workshop! Having trouble with balance and turns? Missing that ribcage action that makes Salsa look and feel like Salsa? We'll work on Latin foot and leg action to create that Latin ribcage movement you strive so hard to achieve; use of your feet for balance and to help make you a better partner and understanding of your body in relation to all styling (be it arm, foot or body). There will be a little bit of Body Isolations and Core Work because understanding the difference between leg, hip and ribcage actions, you'll need to understand the body.No partner required. Beginners experience necessary.


Moving Cool - ChaChaCha Shine Class (All Levels)

 Manuel Dos Santos

Have you noticed ChaChaCha songs are played more and more at salsa clubs and you are maybe sitting down? Don’t worry anymore, chachacha is salsa’s cousin with a slower rhythm. This workshop will show you how to emphasize chachacha musicality, and shines. You will have the timing foundation to get ready to start dancing socially. No partner required. No experience necessary.


Salsa Dips and Tricks


Want to spice up your Salsa dancing by adding a few fancy dips and tricks? Tumimambo's Salsa Dip & Tricks workshop will teach you how to execute dips and tricks effortlessly on the dance floor. This workshop will also focus on simple turn pattern options for proper and safe execution of getting in and out of dips and tricks in a social setting.This workshop will be geared to more advanced levels. Intermediate level required. Partner Necessary.


Afro Latin Dancing on Tumbao 

 Manuel Dos Santos

The clave is usually played with an alternating pitch pattern known as Tumbao. This workshop will show you how to groove your moves with some spicy Afro Latin mix using the Tumbao pattern. No partner required. Beginners experience necessary.


Belly Salsa

Jackie Fortunato

Born in the Middle East, this dance is also native to North Africa and Asia, belly dancing is based on the oldest social dances in world history.  Because this dance is a fusion of many different styles, without a doubt it has a variety of origins, many of which stem from ethnic folk dancing and lately is being mix with salsa to bring even more sensuality and sharp movements to the salsa dancer.  Ladies, you don’t want to miss this workshop, you will leave with a different salsa feeling!! No partner required. No experience necessary.


Salsa On1 Advanced

Instructor To Be Confirmed

Take your dancing to a much higher level. Learn advance patterns with more intricate moves.  Learn how to accent your shines using the beats of the music. This workshop will show you how to be more playful with your dance skills and the music. Step up to the challenge. No partner required. Experience as an Intermediate level is necessary.


ChaChaCha Combo Intermediate/Advanced Levels 

 Darlin Garcia, Director of Art in Motion

Cha Cha Cha is one of the most popular and unbeatable Latin dances of all with energetic music and lively steps. Most of all, Cha Cha music is being played everywhere more and more. Join this workshop to learn some variations, footwork, technique and some styling or just to get fun and enjoyment out of this wonderful dance. No partner required. Experience on cha-cha basics is necessary.



Waiver and Release


 The entire event, including all workshops & performances, shall be undertaken at the Instructors, Performers and Student’s sole risk.

The Towson Dance Studio, Crowne Plaza Timonium, KayaDance Company or any location chosen for the event shall not be liable for any claims, demands, injuries, damages, action or cause of action whatsoever to the person or property arising out of or connected with or possible negligence on the part of KayaDance Company, its employees or agents. Instructors are subject to change.

 General Guidelines

A partner is not required to take the workshops. Rotation between students will take place during each session.

The best shoes to wear are suede bottom and leather (smooth) bottom. Avoid rubber shoes and stilettos to keep from sticking during turns and prevent injury. If you would like to purchase them in advance, a wide selection is available at this online store.

We recommend bringing a change or two of dry shirts for your comfort and your partners!
Especially for beginners, arriving a few minutes early will prevent you from missing material that is explained at the start of the workshop and keep you from feeling lost as the class continues.

Thank you for your continued support in the success of the Baltimore Salsa Fest.